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Before the Clash of Champions, WWE held a match that turned out to be epic. It will be fun to watch Randy and Drew fighting for the win.

On 31st August a live match was held at Amway Center in Orlando, this was a payback match. Three matches were played – Keith Lee v/s Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton v/s Kevin Owens, and Dominik Mysterio v/s Seth Rollins. The winner of these matches will fight in a Triple Threat Match for the final win.  WWE Raw Results - 8/31/20 (WWE Payback fallout, Seth ...Source: wrestleview.com


In the opening ceremony tribute was paid to Bob Armstrong aka ‘Bullet’ and then the match started. Randy Orton enters and boasts about how he kicked Drew Mclntyre ass and sent him to hospital. He also shared a meme of his opponents who were on the hospital bed because of him, Keith Lee interrupts him. Lee was defending Drew when suddenly Ziggler attacks him and the first match starts. Ziggler strikes but Lee sends him down easily, he tries again and the result is the same but finally, Ziggler hits Lee. With different kicks, punches, neck breakers, chin lock, and various other moves Keith Lee manages to win. Keith Lee goes directly to the triple threat match.

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Now comes the second match: Randy Orton against Kevin Owens. This was a very short match when Owens entered the stage Aleister Black knocked him out. Somehow Owens stood up and entered the ring and convinced the referee to start the match. The bell rung and Owen attacked but Randy finished him with an RKO and won the match. He will now fight Lee for the ultimate win.

Last but not least: Seth Rollins v/s Dominik Mysterio, who replaced his dad. Mysterio doesn’t wait for the bell and punches Rollins, this match was chaos. Both of them were throwing each other out of the rings and into the rings, it was a no mercy fight. Rollins made Mysterio scream in pain but Dominik doesn’t give up and fights back. He was already injured and Rollins took the win with a Stomp and proceeded in the triple threat match.

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Rollins decided to team up with Orton but Randy walks off the ring. Lee attacks Rollins and seeing this Orton comes back to fight Lee. Lee throws both of them in the corner but then Orton and Rollins fight together. They throw Lee out of the ring and try to get him inside, instead, Orton hits Rollins however Seth defends himself. Lee comes back and fights Seth and a long battle takes place between them and suddenly Randy jumps in. When Lee almost wins over Rollins, Orton comes with his favorite RKO and wins the match!!!. Now Randy Orton will fight against Drew Mclntyre in WWE Clash of Champions.

WWE Raw Results - 8/31/20 (WWE Payback fallout, Seth ...Source: wrestleview.com