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Plag-59% He was pleading for his life,’ witness to teen’s slaying in Harrisburg says.

A memorial stands near 18th and Forster streets where a boy was shot and killed Saturday. A witness said Sunday the boy was fleeing his pursuer and was trapped by the white fence between the houses in this photo.

On Sunday morning, a teenage boy got shot killed, naked and now sex offender is under custody by the police officer. It happened in Harrisburg in the afternoon Saturday. Some witness person said, he was pleading for his life. But he got shot killed. Now, these days crimes are going on unlimited numbers and humanity is getting shred by the humans itself.

She and several of her neighbours witnessed the slaying Saturday, and as police continue to investigate, neighbours are left wondering just how this happened in their otherwise quiet neighbourhood.

Orlando P. Duarte, 45, of Harrisburg, is facing charges of criminal homicide and prohibited possession of a firearm. The shooting happened around 1 p.m. at Foster streets. Now police are investigating this case very strictly and one of the criminals is under custody.

Police investigating this case:

Investigators said witnesses told them that Duarte, armed with a handgun, was chasing a juvenile, who police did not identify. Police said witnesses told them Duarte fired several shots at the juvenile, who was taken to a nearby hospital and died a short time later.

Police said they responded to the scene for a call of shots fired. When they got there, residents directed them toward the area where the suspect had fled. After a chase, police say they took Duarte into custody.

Duarte had a handgun on him when he was arrested, police say. Burton, who had called 911, said she was on her porch when the incident started. She said she saw the boy running naked and turning to cut between houses. Duarte was pursuing him. This is totally brutal and this has to be stopped to save the humanity in humans.