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TikTok launches legal action against Trump over ban. All the Case Revealed

Chinese video app TikTok is set to launch legal action to challenge a ban imposed by US President Donald Trump.

Know more about the Tiktok ban in the country of US and India here:

Tiktok was one of the most used apps in India as well as in America. In India, this app is banned by the government after finding out that Chinese apps are spying on Indian people. For the safety of Indian people from spying on the internet, the Indian government took a step to ban on more than 200 apps. Recently Pubg is also banned by the government because it was one of the most popular games among users and of course own by the Chinese company.

It was basically a digital surgical strike on China by the Indian Government to protect their people from this spying for their safety.

America’s government trying to ban Tiktok:

The same thing happened with America and after fear of spying by China on Americans, Trumps’ government tried to ban it.

US President Donald Trump’s executive order prohibits transactions with TikTok’s owner ByteDance from mid-September.

Officials in Washington are concerned that the company could pass data on American users to the Chinese government, something ByteDance has denied doing.

A separate order issued by the Trump administration on August 14 gave ByteDance 90 days to divest the US operations of TikTok.

ByteDance is in talks with potential acquirers like Microsoft and Oracle. A representative for the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

TikTok expects the legal action to begin this week. On Friday a group of Chinese-Americans filed a separate lawsuit against the president’s similar ban on the social media app WeChat, which is owned by the Chinese firm, Tencent. Various apps are being banned by the different government of different countries for their safety and privacy.


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