Here is the truth about Nicole Kidman revealing Pregnancy, which was out on Instagram.

With stopping all fake rumors Nicole Kidman snapped away. Last year a magazine announced Nicole’s third pregnancy with husband Keith Urban. Though a picture was taken far away from will never be enough proof to state this. According to the magazine, which called her out as Bombshell, they said that though it is hard to get pregnant at this age Nicole is pregnant with the third child.

How did the speculations grow?

The tabloid said Nicole Kidman announced her pregnancy via Instagram. The post features Kidman standing far away wearing a really baggy scarf. Though there was nothing mentioned in the caption which revealed anything, the tabloid said it is a typical way of revealing a baby. Though Kidman’s spokesperson tried to stop the rumors there was no stopping it. Later her husband Urban came forward and said that everyone will see that there is no baby after a year and all rumors will be on hold.

Another Rumor

The happy couple was once again targeted by fans as they called out that the two are on the verge of breaking up. But the stories were again on hold after the two clarify the air that they are still a happy couple. According to a tabloid, it said that the two are simply jealous and couldn’t stand their spouse interacting with anyone else. It was also said that Kidman sacred many other celebrities to stay away from her husband.

The couple shared a very cute relationship story. The couple met in 2005 at G’Day LA. They began to date just after a few months they met and within two months they got married. Kidman said that she is a spontaneous person and just to jump into things. She likes to explore the person after they get married even though it sounds weird.