HomeEntertainmentPerfect dress can make fans go insane. Shantel Jackson wore the perfect dress for last night.

Perfect dress can make fans go insane. Shantel Jackson wore the perfect dress for last night.

Shantel Jackson was looking amazing in her recent look posted on Instagram. Fans loved her new look and it was appreciated. She was outstanding with her look and was looking gorgeous and magnificent. She caught everyone’s attention and captioned the post as ‘Last Night’.


She was wearing a checkered jacket and ripped denim shorts with a pair of high heels. Her look was complete with a hat and shimmer purse with coke written on it. Her fans fell for her looks and were out of and couldn’t keep sane. There were tons of comments in the comment section. One fan asked them to share her shopping details. Others wrote that they love her style and are crazy about her.

Engagement Rumors

Nelly and Shantel are now together for very long. The couple began to date in 2014 and in 2016, Shantel shared a post on Instagram with her hands in Nelly’s and commented it as ‘Hinting at a long-term’. Just after her photo there were rumors all around about them getting hitched. The rumors were all about their engagement. After the rumor, she again posted a picture of her with Nelly with a heart on it.

A day later that all fans began to wish them for their unannounced engagement. Just the next day Nelly came up and cleared the air that nothing was going on.

Nelly posted a picture of his with Jackson but asked all the fans to give them some time to make things clear. But they assured me that everything is working perfectly fine.

In 2017 he seen shopping for a ring with Nazanin Mandi and all the speculations began about their relationship. Later they again clear the air by saying that they don’t rush into anything right now.