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Hailey Bieber opens about her relationship, she is “really annoyed” with Justin Bieber because of his perfect lashes

A fun relationship is always a long-lasting relationship. And so, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber have the perfect relationship. Recently in an interview, she opened about their jealous issues in their relationship and has told what annoys her about Justin.

In the interview, the model revealed about how Justin’s lashes make her jealous. Her words cannot be more precise to explain that her lashes are visible but not super long or perfect whereas her husband got the most beautiful and thick lashes. Though the model is joking about and this is a fun way they use to tease each other.

Hailey also said that his partner is going through some skin problems and she is helping him to resolve them. His acne is almost gone and has been under control for a long time now. She also gives away her secret about her perfect skin to him and lets him use her product.

New Place to live

Recently the Bieber couple acquired a $25.8 million property in Beverly Park. The neighborhood has got a good list of actors like Eddie Murphy and Sylvester Stallone. The mansion has 11,145 sq feet and has seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The estate carries a swimming pool, a private lawn, and a tennis court.

According to the sources, the couple also acquired their second property in Beverly Hills costing $8.5 million. The couple also shares a house in Canada where they lived during the time of quarantine when the corona Virus outbreak.

World Tour

On July 24, he used twitter to announce his world tour in 2021. He said that he is looking forward to seeing all his fans again when everyone will be safe again. He posted an image with dates and locations. Justin will begin his tour on June 2 and will continue till August 15. We hope the on-going pandemic gets over and everyone will be free to watch him going live again.