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COVID 19 ALERT! 3 Mistakes We Should Avoid Committing To Save Ourselves From The Outrage Of The Virus!

The World is facing a very sudden and very unexpected outbreak of deadly COVID-19. No country has been saved from its trap of the deadly virus. There are millions of people across the world who have been trapped by this virus, many of them even lost their lives while fighting against the virus.

The outspread of the virus has pushed the pause button in everyone’s life and everyone has limited their day to day life activities in order to stop the virus from spreading and saving their lives.

There is a list of precautions, rules and regulations made to prevent the virus from spreading. Every day we hear something new about the virus and sometimes it is really hard to gulp down new facts that we come across. Some o they are wrong, illogical and unreasonable which often pushes into the situation of confusion.

Here are some mistakes that we can do unintentionally but we should avoid committing them to save ourselves from the outrage of the virus.

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1. Don’t Panic

When you step out of your home, try to be calm, keep every precaution in your mind and try not to panic. Usually, as a human being, we ruin things in panic situations. We need to be calm down, manage thing calmly and be vigilant about surroundings.

2. Avoid Going Public Spaces

Avoid going to public parks, beaches and other public places. You never know what infection another person might carry and what infection you will bring back from there. Until unless it is very necessary, avoid crowded places.

3. Be Wary of entering restaurants and bars

Many of the cities have now opened up hotels and bars due to falling economy but it doesn’t mean that the spread of virus has stopped. If you choose to go to a restaurant or bar, be very cautious. Keep the mask on, take every necessary precaution and check the hygiene of the place before you decide to eat something there.

These three mistakes are uncommon and sometimes we think that it will not happen to us or it is safe to go to a nearby place, but it is not! Take all the precautions even if you are going to a shop next door! The vaccine is still in the process of development and we cannot predict the exact time when it will arrive, so it is better to follow all the mandatory precautions to save our lives and the lives of people around us.

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