Nancy Pelosi – Current speaker – has been receiving criticism lately because recently she was spotted outside a salon. Click here and get all the related updates.

Nancy Pelosi – criticized by many!

Nancy Pelosi who is the dean and house speaker has been lately receiving criticism even though she has denied it all by saying it as fake. A few days back, Nancy Pelosi was seen near a salon. Even though the count of coronavirus cases is increasing day by day all over the world, Nancy all she cares about is her hair. 

Los Angeles Times

Nancy denied all such reports about her being in a salon and said that these are negatively affecting her well-known image. The president of America could not hold his humor style and made fun of Nancy Pelosi by tweeting about her in a social media handle. 

Nancy in her words said that she fell for setup, and further said that she accepts that it was she who trusted the neighborhood salon. That’s all she revealed about the incident and accepted that it was her (Nancy Pelosi) sole responsibility for falling in such a trap.

The Wall Street Journal

Even the government of America has certain restrictions made on the opening up of the salons but Nancy only cares about her hair. Even after the media caught her involved in such activity outside a salon but in spite of revealing the truth Nancy is asking that salon to apologize regarding the matter. 

Moreover, a video as proof has been there all over the internet where it can be seen Nancy lying to the facts as she was seen at a salon. Therefore, people are criticizing and claiming that nancy doesn’t care and is an irresponsible person. 


When it was asked to the owner of the salon she had different answers regarding the matter as the owner said that Nancy Pelosi feels she can get done whatever work in whatever way she likes, as she just went in and asked to get her work done even though I didn’t want to.

Hence, the current speaker – Nancy Pelosi should stop doing such a nuisance by violating the rules and restrictions of a salon and should stop treating the citizens of the United States as idiots and stupid. That’s all that we have gathered so far regarding the matter that involved Nancy Pelosi in a violation case of the salon.