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A Father Sexually Assaulted His 9-month old Daughter And Eventually Killed Her

A very shameful act committed by a father who is now behind the bars after he allegedly sexually assaulted his 9-month daughter which ended up killing her. It is really shameful to come across such stories that will break your heart into a number of pieces. We have entered into 21st century and still girls, women and now even infants have to go through such phases, this is a slap on the name of humanity. A father doing this is a shame for all the humans, where a girl now should go to protect herself, if not her father? We as humans are failing to provide a safe environment to women and girls.

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Harris Country Sherrif’s deputies stated that they were reportedly called to Houston apartment complex at 15035 for an unresponsive infant. As soon as they reached there, they found Savayah Mason, a 9-months-old infant. They tried to save her but unfortunately, they couldn’t and she died in the nearby hospital.

This called for setting up the investigation to look into the case. The clues came into the picture when the medical examiners started examining the case.

According to the Sheriff officers, the medical examiners who are analyzing the case first found the clue that the infant was sexually assaulted. They even found out that the reason behind her death was asphyxiation during the assault.

It is only when the investigations investigated and interviewed the infant’s father, Luis Luna that they come to know that his father is the one who sexually assaulted her and eventually killed her. Immediately, Luna was kept behind the bars. Now Luna has been charged with the murderer of her daughter and it is so shameful to see that a girl is not even safe in his father’s arms.

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