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Marisol Nichols is all set to make a comeback after Riverdale with the series showing her real life.

Marisol Nichols has been successful in bagging fame and success from her role in Riverdale. She was loved as Hermione Lodge in Riverdale. Now, she has some serious announcements to make about her next series. It is said that her next series will be based on her real life. She will be seen in the lead role. So, Marisol is all set to come back with a brand new series in which we will get to see the real-life of Marisol Nichols. The series will reveal how independent and strong Marisol Nichols is in her real life. She revealed some hidden secrets about her real-life that no one knows.

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In an exclusive interview, she talked about a folded side of her life. She revealed that she worked as an FBI agent once in her life. Her fans were shocked to know that the star, Marisol Nichols worked as a hidden member with the FBI agents. She further told me that she worked for preventing and protecting children from sexual abuse and harassment. She worked as a secret agent hidden from the eyes of the public. She did not only for the US but for the whole world.

Madison Nichols has been involved in this excellent work for many years. She did her job with the whole heart to protect any sexual abuse. She was raped when she was just 11 years old. She still has goosebumps when she talks about that incident.

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Marisol Nichols to be back with a movie on her real life.

After going through all this, Sony Pictures is planning to make a series based on how Marisol worked to prevent child trafficking. Chances are that she will be seen in the lead role. In an interview, Nichols spoke about how heartbreaking it is when good people ignore all these tragic and horrible incidents. She urges people to come forward and fight against child trafficking and sexual abuse. She also talked about her work as an undercover and she used to allow the man to spend the night with her kid and then she follows him and catches him red-handed and beat him out. She also runs a Nagano which works for the slaves in the world.