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“Karate Kid” Jaden Smith suffers from serious health issues. How can he survive? Read the story to know more.

Karate Kid fame and son of actor Will Smith, Jaden Smith has reportedly been seriously ill since last year. The rapper has contracted serious health issues based on his diet. His mother Jada Smith and father Will are serious about his health and are seeking medical help. This illness has come as a burdening addition on the Smith family in the ongoing pandemic situation. Read the whole story to know more about Jaden’s health concerns and how the Smiths and trying to save his life and make him live a better one.

Let us have a look at this video which mentions the intervention of Jada Smith, mother of Jaden in his health concern on Red Table Talks –


About the health concern:

The Rapper and Karate Kid fame Jaden Smith has suffered loss fo vitamins and minerals and has been ill since September last year. According to his father Will Smith, this deficiency is a result of Jaden’s decision to turn vegan. He says the Vegan diet has not suited him and does not give his body enough nutrients required for healthy living. Jaden has decided to turn vegan and has been following the vegan diet since. He has not been taking vegan diet before ever so this has shown an adverse effect on his health.

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Experts say that the Jaden needs to reconsider his diet and incorporate material with more vitamins and minerals. Due to the vegan diet, Jaden now has suffered from a loss of omega-3 fatty acids. This is also because of the lack of meat in Jaden’s diet. Doctors have prescribed Jaden a diet involving meat sot that he receives all the required nutrients.

In a recent interview on the Red Table Talks, Jaden smith has criticised his parents on telling him about his health issues because of diet, openly. He also said he was keen to share some of the experiences he received after turning vegan. According to medical health practitioners, Jaden needs to change his diet significantly. Only a small amount of health supplements and dose would not help him now.

source: google images