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Dr Anthony Fauci Predicted Vaccine of COVID-19 To be Out By the End Of This year And Also Warned People To Follow Strict Rules To Avoid The Spread!

Dr Anthony Fauci is bringing good news on the way, as he predicts that proper coronavirus vaccine will be developed b the end of 2020. He also added that there is enough data available to prove that the vaccine is effective for American people.

Dr Anthony Fauci works as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Anthony also warned about the coming flu season that is on its way compounding the pandemic. To prevent that people should take proper precautions and help the virus from getting spread.

Credits- Business Insider

He said by the end of the calendar month of the year, they will be able to develop a safe and beneficial vaccine. But till then people should be more cautious and should avoid going to public spaces and large gathering to prevent the virus from getting contaminated. He dictated strict social distancing measures to be followed, always keep the mask on, wear gloves when you are going out for some necessary work, avoid physical contacts as much as you can.

He further added that stay at home, go out only if it is important. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

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He addressed that some universities have resumed the classes at their university premises, he urged that students who test positive for coronavirus to home. He suggested them to keep those students separate from other students and university staff members.

He suggested this measure because once they will go home, they will spread it to other people on the wat and also there are chances that the people of the state they belong to will also get infected and their family members which are severely dangerous, so it is better to keep them isolated in university premises.