Dajana Gudic Posed In Her Tiny Black Swimsuit With Her Little Dog And Shared It With Her Followers!!

Dajana Gudic came up with some new theme for her new Instagram post which she shared with her followers on Monday. She gave some jungle vibes with her new post. She posted a mirror selfie on her feed in which she posed outside a vacation home with her small dog.

Dajana was captured wearing a  minuscule, triangle-shaped top with thin strings that tied around her neck and back. Her dress showed her cleavage and her ample cleavage gave a look of her sideboob. Her abdomen was clearly seen between her top and V-shaped bottom in the same colour.

Credits- quora.com

The front part of her bikini came till her waist which showed her flat stomach and stunning physique and her sides rested slightly above her hips which showed her shaped and toned thighs. Her fingers were wrapped with small bands on one hand and another hand had a silver ring in one of her fingers.

She was sitting on a  wooden patio in front of a cream coloured house in Tulum, Mexico.  The picture gave a whole vacation is on mode vibes. Her background was filled by greenery and the area was wholly covered with sand. which was visible from the mirror. Sunlight poured in on her body and highlighted a few parts of her tan skin.

Her one hand was on her hip and she leaned back on her arm beside her little dog. She posed her body to show off her extraordinary physique and her waxed hands and shoulders. She held her phone high and looked at the camera to click the amazing shot.

She captioned the picture as “Just hanging with lion king in his jungle…No big deal”.

The post gathered around 6500 likes and 250 comments where people admired her stunning looks and body.

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