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Belt’s blast sends San Francisco Giants past Colorado Rockies. Check It Out Right Here!!!

In first week of August, Brandon Belt got the huge success against the starter of Colorado Rockies.

Brandon Belt from the San Francisco brought the success against Jon Gray from Colorado Rockies during the fourth innings of the game.

He scored three run homer and a double and this game was held in Denver where San Francisco Giants won the match against Rockies.

Who is Brandon Belt and what game he plays?

If you are a fan of baseball game then you must know about Brandon Belt, one of the most popular Baseball player in the world. Brandon Belt is an American Baseball player. He plays for the San Francisco Giants of the Major League Baseball. In his career he scored 139 home runs until now.

He plays for the professional team which ofcourse San Francisco Giants a professional one in the business of Baseball League. In the starting of the game, Rockies was in the lead and was winning the match but at the last moment Belt made home runs and double and his team won against Rockies. His and his team’s fans are very happy and praising him a lot after he made his team win.

That match of the League was very interesting and both the teams were trying their best to get the home runs. Sometimes Rockies was on top and sometimes there opposition were. The scoring board was going up and down in the whole game.

A rare error by Trevor Story and one pitch to Belt cost Gray dearly in the fourth. He just did not get quite low enough. The club is now enjoying their victory and praising their team members and giving their members’ contribution a big one step to won the game.