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Three People Including 17 Year Old “Minor” Teen Charged for Recent Twitter Hacked

Graham Ivan Clark, 17 years old kid arrested because he hacked the Twitter account.

On July 31st FBI, US Secret Service, and Florida Law Enforcement placed a 17-year-old kid under arrest due to Twitter hacking.

He is being accused of the mastermind behind the biggest security and privacy breach in Twitter’s history. One that took over Barack Obama to penetrate a huge bitcoin scam.

Well, Graham was not alone in this scam but the other two boys were with him in this scam. Two other people were formally charged by the US Department of Justice: Nima Fazeli from Orlando who is 22 years old and Mason Sheppard from the UK who is 19 years old.

All these three boys are under the custody of the FBI now after they being accused of the Twitter hack. All three boys are charged with different cases from the police.

They hacked different Twitter accounts of big personalities.

How Police track them down?

Federal authorities said he will be charged and will be tried in Hillsborough County because he is a Juvenile. And the other two people will be charged in the Northern District of California.

Graham was just apparently graduated from High school recently. But he was not an ordinary kid but this scam is a big one in history and never seen before.

Bitcoin is difficult to track and recover if stolen in a scam in a cryptocurrency. It was hard for the police to track them down and get them under their custody. They also took control of accounts of big personalities like Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc. They attacked almost 130 accounts and managed to message from 45 accounts.