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Madison Beer shared her Amazing and big achievement of one year of no self harm!! Talks about Mental Health!!

Madison Beer had achieved too much success in her career. But her latest feat is so much special to her. But this is not about her song perhaps this special one is her personal one. On 26th August, she made an achievement of no self-harm throughout the year. She reveals about this to her fans by Instagram and Twitter. She writes in her Instagram story that she has been able to achieve a year of no self-harm. She added that she never believe that she will achieve it but she has been proud of her.

Madison Beer, self harm, Mental Health

Beer said that no one knows about her struggle of no self-harm. Neither her friends nor her family. She kept this struggle of one year behind the curtain. She also said that no one knows about her struggle of one year no self-harm. And no one knows her pain and what path she had been going through.

Madison Beer speaks about Mental Health!!

Beer also said to people that they finely observe their closest one. And know from what situation they have been going through. If you find that they are in the wrong mental Health. She also said that some people didn’t share their pain with their loving one. And people never know what their mental state is. So she pleased to people to not to ignore these persons. And know the signs that they are struggling from pain. So she pleased to reach out to them.

Madison Beer, self harm, Mental Health

Also Beer also give hope to the people who are suffering from some mental health issue. She said that it is okay if you are struggling from it. Surely you will be better with time. Your emotions are valid and you too are worthy of love and care. Beer gave her insight to people and also asked them to believe in themselves.