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Kate Winslet talks on her experience with James Cameron says he has mellowed down now.

Kate Winslet is popular among the masses as the Titanic star and the actor who gave the most iconic and romantic ship-moment with Leonardo DiCaprio. Kate’s popularity skyrocketed with the romantic hit which was directed by James Cameron. It was rumours or speculations after Titanic that James is hard to work with and even Kate Winslet had a problem with it reportedly. since then Cameron also did not give many films except the super hit Avatar. Read the whole story to more about how the two reunited in the industry and to know more about the sequel of Avatar.

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Kate Winslet – James Cameron reuniting after 20 years:

Kate Winslet and James Cameron will be working together on Avatar 2 the sequel to the super hit movie Avatar. With Kate Winslet having been heard to say the bitter of James behaviour after Titanic was unexpected to work with the director. Now after 20 long years the Actor- Director duo has come together to give the Director’s most awaited movie. Reportedly James Cameron was hard to work with on the Sets of Tintainc and was strict with his workers on the set. He even is rumoured to have daunted the director’s role so much so that people would not take a break to urinate.

In a recent interview with THR, Kate is going all praise about James Cameron. This has been another unexpected turn to the tale. Kate is reported to have said that James has now become calmer and composed about his work. He has mellowed down now that he has a few children and the success of Titanic and Avatar has made him realise the game of director said, Kate Winslet.

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Kate has praised the director about his new demeanour and the way he handles things now. It is good to hear such praise for the director now that the much-awaited Avatar 2 is set to release. The movie has seen its ups and downs and after several postponements, it is now scheduled to release in the year of 2022.