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Ellen DeGeneres Makes First Ever Public Apology For Allegations Against A Toxic Work Environment !!!

Ellen DeGeneres makes an apology to her employees. They point out the allegations of misconduct after which she makes an apology.

Ellen DeGeneres is a personality who shows all the kindness she is having on her show with other people and the audience.

In July, Her employees detailed about the toxic culture they faced during their tenure of work to the reporters. They also added about the allegations of racism and intimidation of Show’s top producers. After the #MeToo movement this sexual harassment got more attention and people who got their names in this movement are in various troubles.

What apology did she make to her staff ?

She said, ” On the first day of our show, I told everyone to have respect towards each other and Ellen DeGeneres Show will be a place of Happiness. No one would ever raise their voice on anyone, Obvious;y something changed and I never expected this. I have my name on the show and whatever happened it’s my responsibility for that.

She also added that she is disappointed od what had happened with her staff. She said she could not get success without her well trained and brilliant staff of what she is today so she is apologizing to every staff and employee.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show stole all people hearts due to genreous appraoch of helping people and with this her show is most popular show.

But due to Covid 19 many countries went to lockdown and in that period her staff and employees put allegations on her of being harsh and autocratic who looked down on her employees.

Ellen DeGeneres also said she is not this person in real of what she is being accused of by her employees. She added she never can treat her percious employees like this.