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Bounce Music and Social Distancing: Best of Gizmodo

Clockwise from left to right: Al Bello (Getty Images), Benjamin Currie/Gizmodo, Steffen Graupner/MOSAiC and Angelica Alzona. Image: Various.

It might not seem like it since time is all out of whack during the pandemic, but in a few short weeks, it will be fall. Anyone else have trouble knowing what month, or day, it is? 

My confusion aside, it’s time for another rundown of the great work done at Gizmodo this week! 

We’ll start our list with bounce music, or New Orleans’ quintessential style of hip hop built on simple, one-bar drum beats, call-and-response style refrains, outrageously sexual lyrics and beats you can shake your booty to. Hurricane Katrina forced roughly 400,000 New Orleans residents to relocate in 2005. However, they brought bounce music with them. In the end, the music helped them find hope and community.

Next, you know how everyone’s talking about the importance of social distancing like it’s something set in stone? Well apparently, it’s not. Some scientists say that instead of staying strictly six feet away from others during the pandemic, people should consider their circumstances.

To finish off, we want you to ask yourself a question: If you were living in a tech dystopia, would you notice? Are we living in one right now? We asked a number of experts, but you’ll have to make your own decision.

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