HomeEntertainmentAllie Auton has yet posted another picture of hers showing off the fit and beautiful body in a mini dress.

Allie Auton has yet posted another picture of hers showing off the fit and beautiful body in a mini dress.

Allie Auton famous on Instagram had posted her picture in a mini dress looking all gorgeous. This was on 24th August after that she has uploaded two more photos of her.

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She is a fitness freak and is very conscious of having a healthy lifestyle. Allie influences her followers to be healthy, fit, and have a great lifestyle. In 2015 she decided to change her eating and lifestyle habits and also helps people too. Auton has a Youtube channel as well where apart from fitness there are also travel vlogs and house buying. On youtube her followers are 69k and till now she has uploaded 97 videos, three videos away from a century. The 24 years old Australian is a Fashion Blogger, Youtuber, and an Instagram star.

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allieauton is her Instagram account on which she uploads videos and pictures showing her lifestyle. Her photos are majorly related to her fashion and some with her food and closed ones. She has 572 followers and 1205 posts, she is following 796 people. According to her bio, she is a blogger and promotes an influencer marketing company and a clothing brand. Allie is also an influencer and keeps promoting different companies in her posts and stories.


On 23rd August she uploaded her photo in a white mini dress in which she was looking stunning. Even her nails and shoes were in white while the sunglasses and handbag were in black. Auton has posted three photos in three different ways, two sideways and the last one is a frontal view. Her caption says ‘big things happening this week’ with emojis. The jewelry is quite simple just small circular shaped earrings and a necklace, she is standing in front of the plain wall. The reason she has gone all white (pun intended) is because she is promoting whitefoxboutique too in her caption.