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Couple found dead by randonauting Tik Tokers allegedly killed by their landlord after they couldn’t make rent, Here are the Updates –

A couple’s dead remains were found in a suitcase by a group of Tik Tokers on a Randonautica adventure. The couple was killed by their landlord as they couldn’t make their rent on time. Well, the remains of the victims named Jessica Lewis and Austin “Cash” Wenner were found in a suitcase in June.

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Full News Updates about the Couple who was found dead by randonauting Tik Tokers allegedly killed by their landlord after they couldn’t make rent-

The landlord, Michael Lee Dudley who is 62 years old had been arrested by the police on Wednesday. Dudley was charged with attempting two murders. According to the Police investigation, Dudely lethally shot the couple and then dismembered the couple. After mutilating, he stuffed their dead remains inside garbage bags in two suitcases.

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The one suitcase was later found on Alki Beach in Seattle by a group of teens who were sent to the location by the Randonautica app. The group wanted to make an adventure video on Tik Tok but things went wrong. Later on the 22nd of August, the video featuring the suitcase was removed from the Tik Tok. But it is unclear that Tik Tok itself removed the video or the teen who posted it.

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Dudely admitted his crime and told the police that he wanted the renters to move out of his house. The couple couldn’t pay their monthly rent of  $1,500 and it resulted in the argument among them. Still, the motive of the crime is not fully revealed but the evidence shows that the landlord was angry with the victim couple for not paying the rent timely. The pieces of evidence and documents also state that it is not a work of a single person to dismember the couple as it requires so much effort and time. Obviously Dudely had received help from others in dismembering and getting rid of the couple remains. In the past Dudely was also accused of sexual abuse, incest, and cruelty toward animals.