HomeEntertainmentMichelle Pfeiffer's new look for a movie left evenyone shocked. She revealed the 'HORRYFYING' photos. Read to know each and every single detail.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s new look for a movie left evenyone shocked. She revealed the ‘HORRYFYING’ photos. Read to know each and every single detail.

Stars always keep experimenting with their looks. Sometimes their on-screen look is so different from their real looks. It is very common that the actors have to go through a look transformation for a particular role. The same thing happened with Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle shared her transformed look that was just so scary. She posted her before and after photos that left everyone shocked and speechless. Her new look is just unbelievable. Michelle has always boosted her natural beauty. She has always talked about her flawless skin and how she doesn’t require kilos of makeup to look beautiful. This is the reason why everyone is amazed to see her new transformation in her look.

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Michelle went through a serious look transformation for her very popular movie ‘Stardust’. She posted a before and after pictures from the sets and the fans really denied believing that it was Michelle. She transformed herself into a wrinkled, old woman. Her looks featured a bald head. Though the transformation was only for her reel life still it surprised the people in her real life too. Michelle once played a role of which is one of her movies in 2007, her look was loved by everyone. She played the role of a very old witch and was applauded by everyone. She posted a picture of her Witch Lamia look and thanked the whole team who made it possible. The pictures left everyone wide-eyed. Famous model, Helena Christensen also reacted to the photo and said that the post is just unbelievable.

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Michelle Pfeiffer’s transformed terrible look.

The actor’s life is not at all easy. They have to keep experimenting with their looks in order to fit in a particular role. Michelle’s look was unique but it involved a lot of hard work. There were so many hands behind the look. Michelle revealed that it took almost four hours to do her makeup daily. She had to sit still for 4 hours daily during her makeover was going on. She had to carry a wig the whole day to hide her hair. It took almost an hour daily after the shoot to remove her makeup.