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Kendall Jenner going a step ahead from ‘Just Friends’ with Devin Booker. Read the whole story here.

Kendall Jenner has been hiding behind the ‘Just Friends’ tag for too long now when related to or asked about Devin Booker. The two seems to have grown close to each other. Recently the NBA star and the model were spotted together leaving an eatery in Santa Monica. The arguably most private of all the Kardashians and Jenners, Kendall is not going public so easily with this new found love of her. The recent pictures have triggered gossips amongst the Kardashian-Jenner fans. Is there more to the ‘Just Friends’ tag? Read the whole story to learn more about the relationship and how they got cozy in this lockdown.

Let us have a look at this video by TMZ sports which shows the couple was on a road trip to Arizona-

Kendall and Devin are more than ‘Just Friends’:

The couple was seen leaving their favourite Italian eatery, Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. They wore masks and followed all the COVID-19 protocols as they left the restaurant from the backside to the parking lot. On this dinner Date on Friday night, they both looked stylish and beautiful, which gave us hints of there being more to the couple than being ‘Just Friends’.

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On Tuesday the couple visited the Malibu beach where they both shared a cosy moment behind the stairs. This was captured by one of the tourists. They are also reported to have seen together dining in Kardashian–Jenner favourite Nobu Malibu back in June. In the last month, Kendall Jenner went to road trip with Devin Booker to Sedona, Arizona. These things have further strengthened the theory of the couple being in a serious relationship. How could the fans not talk about them!

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With going down to road trips to going on a date night, the couple has been doing even the simplest of the things together. They even went together to take Devin’s dog to the veterinary doctor. This shows they are definitely enjoying their company and can be called an official couple now. Hope things go well between them as Kendall has dated a number of NBA games in the past and could not find the one.

source: google images