HomeEntertainmentBlogger posts Hudson River swim on TikTok, much to internet’s dismay. Read to know the full story.

Blogger posts Hudson River swim on TikTok, much to internet’s dismay. Read to know the full story.

As we know social media is such a vast platform. Any post or picture uploaded on social media can get viral in just a few seconds. Some of the people also go through trolls due to their strange posts. Recently a Blogger faced criticism for her post. She posted a TikTok video for which she underwent a lot of slamming. She actually posted a TikTok video where she was seen Swimming in the Hudson River. She was seen enjoying herself in the Hudson River and diving from the boat. In her video, we also spotted a statue of liberty. She was highly trolled and slammed for her video.

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Donna P is a young food blogger. She is very popular in her own field. She has a lot of followers on her social media handles. She is usually very active on Instagram. She posts a lot on Instagram. But recently she was targetted on social media and was slammed. The reason was her TikTok video which she posted on Instagram and she was found swimming in the Hudson River where she swimming with the Statue of Liberty. She also wrote that enjoying in Hudson River with Statue of Liberty is like a dream come true. Read more to know the reaction of Donna.

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See what Donna has to say after being slammed on social media.

Donna was slammed on social media to the next extent. When she posted her video swimming in the Hudson River. People wrote that she might be dead after this. Some also said that she is having burns on her body. Some wrote that her health is deteriorating after swimming in The Hudson River. She got so exhausted with all the responses that she finally came up with a video on Instagram. She talked about the quality of water and said that she will surely go to the hospital and get herself checked up by the doctors. She also revealed that taking in a few drops of river water is not hazardous. She said that the water is not that contaminated that it may take someone’s life. She assured everyone that she will get her to check up.