HomeEntertainmentA Black Guy enjoying with his white friends attacked by a White Woman at Drive Thru. "RACISM AT ITS PEAK".

A Black Guy enjoying with his white friends attacked by a White Woman at Drive Thru. “RACISM AT ITS PEAK”.

As we know there are numerous cases of racism throughout the day. Protests like Black Lives Matter were followed to provide justice to  Black People. Even in the 21st century, there are people who still don’t consider Black guys equal to themselves. When the world is growing, technologies are evolving too fast, the thought process among the people is still the same. There are many people who consider black people as untouchables and low caste. There are people who insult white people for talking to black guys.with

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A similar incident happened in Arizona where a black guy was insulted by a white woman who was drunk. The incident took place in Arizona at Drive-thru. The unusual response of a Kareracismcisim took everyone’s attention. She targeted a black guy on the road. She sounded drunk and she got off the car and saw the truck standing behind her. She went near the truck and found a black guy with his white friends. She abused him and started screaming at him.

She further said that he is not doing the right thing to hang out with white people. Everyone sitting in the truck started laughing at the woman and started recording her video. This made the white woman or angry and she started abusing the white guys for hanging out with a black man. The black guy handled everything with patience and took the whole incidence in a humorous way.

Image source – TMZ.com

What happened next?

The Black guy took the whole incident very lightly. He was very calm throughout the whole time. He quietly came out of the truck and after seeing the white woman’s condition he asked him to go inside her car. He also warned him that if police will arrive she will have to face further consequences. But as far as we know the cops were not called and the guy just said to make the white woman go inside her car.