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This Animal Just Tested Positive for Coronavirus in the U.S.. Know more about the animal and pandemic!!!

Covid-19 is breaking all record worldwide as this global pandemic starts in November 2019.

First, it was recorded in Wuhan China which was spreading continuously in China. Later it was spreading in the world with its own pace. Now every single is the country is suffering very badly form this pandemic.

And every single the case of coronavirus is increasing as well the death rate is also increasing at one point. But the death rate is going decreasing and this is some relief news from what people are going through in thier lives.

The news was also breaking when scientists and doctors found out that this virus is not only affecting humans but to animals. Yes, this was heartbreaking when scientists teste animals for covid-19 they were positive from the virus.

In starting a tiger was found positive from coronavirus in the Bronx Zoo and now a dog is also tested positive from this virus.

This coronavirus is now announced as global pandemic as this is affecting everything and every country form economy to normal life. Though no country got to succeed in getting a vaccine against this virus almost every country is trying very hard and thier best to get a vaccine. So they stop the coronavirus from getting spread everywhere.

On August 17, 2020 test had been done on animals in Utah farms and not one farm but two. Reports said the farms were highly recording unwanted deaths minks.

In U.S. the test on animals done before in June and got almost a dozen of animals positive form virus. It is not clear that this is the transmission from humans to animals. As scientists are not sure of it. But the danger of transmission of virus from animals to human is very low.