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Jeffrey Epstein’s Ex Ghislaine Maxwell Bullied Princess Diana and ‘Made Her Cry’.

Jeffrey Epstein’s connections to the royal family through Prince Andrew are no news for the world as it its over before several years. But here is the thing as Ghislaine Maxwell again bullied Princess Daina.

But he is making very much trouble to Princess Diana thorugh her ex girlfriend Maxwell. She is currently bullying Princess Diana.

This was all confirmed from the recent reports that the late princess of Dales was bullied and Maxwell made her cry for that.

First they met in 1984 at the premiere of Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom where the British Socialite met this Royal beauty.

Ghislaine Maxwell always hated Princess Diana after first they met. And since then she neer skip any chance to bully her or shame her. She evn tried to get her cry and looks like she won.

Recent reporters said Maxwell was very happy whne she found out Diana’s picture in which she was crying and she said it lokks like she made her cry and she is so happy.

And now a sex abuse victim has come forward with variousproofs and claims. Maxwell is 58 years old British Socialite who abused and bullied Diana who is almost of same age. And also she tries to abuse various other members of the royal family.

She teased her about wrong boyfriend to worng designer to wrong evrything in her life. This is not enough as but Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell tried to abuse her sexually in 1990s. And now Maxwell who was another arm of Epstein from many years is now inquirirnf by FBI agents in this case. As she was involved in all sex abuses and bullying. But she denies all the accusations agaisnt her.