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Trailer is out for On the Rocks with Rashida Jones and Bill Murray. They are seen as drinking Martinis.

Since the release of ‘On the Rocks’ trailer, fans are already hoping for the best in the movie. The movie based on the writing of Sofia Coppola who is known for her excellent writing. As she is also the director of the film, her best work to date counted as The Virgin Suicide.

Just like her works The Beguiled and The Bling Ring most of her work based on storybooks and magazines. For all her new movies, a set destination is New York. She began her career as working beside her father in The Godfather.

Storyline of On the rocks

The story revolves around a father-daughter where daughter (Laura) begins to doubt her husband has started to go out more often and doesn’t give attention to his family. Father of Laura who is a playboy made him convinced that he was cheating on him and they started to follow them. Then Laura’s father made her release that she still had time to live a life and started prowling New York City to discover their heart.

Cast of On the Rocks

Cast will be.

  • Rashida Jones as Laura
  • Bill Murray as Felix
  • Marlon Wayans as Dean
  • Jessica Henwick as Fiona
  • Jenny Slate as Vanessa
  • Barbara Bain as Gran

Expecting release date of On the Rocks

The expected release date in October 2020. As per the guidelines, it is hard to say whether the film will be there in the theater but there are other screens where the film will get released. In November 2018 Apple announced its Entertainment Company A 24. The movie will release on A 24, and it will be a partner in distribution. The story filled with dynamic characters and twists. It will be amazing to watch a father-daughter relation.