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Luann De Lesseps has talked about her drinking habit: In this lockdown how she is doing with her bad habit

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Luann Lesseps said about her drinking habit. In this pandemic, celebrities also suffered a lot and Luann is one of them. She has the drinking habit and recently in an interview, she talked about her drinking personality. The real housewives of New York City joined by a star Luann a TMZ live. This show joined her because they wanted to know her lifestyle in lockdown.

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Luann talked about her lifestyle and her sobriety challenge in lockdown days. She said that in lockdown days people drink to remove their pain but it is not true, the alcohol increases your anxiety level which can harm you. She talked so many things in that show. She said “at this moment right now, and I’m so grateful, I’m not drinking. I just don’t feel like drinking. My daughter’s not drinking, so we’re kind of not drinking together. It’s been really good. Every once and a while I’ll be like, ‘You know what? I feel like a drink.’ And [then] I’m just like, I feel like crap the next day. So I just have decided it’s going to be the dry corona time for me.” She said that she locked in her home with her daughter ‘Victoria de Lesseps’. Let me tell you that Luann Lesseps has two children Victoria you well known and meet to noel de Lesseps. She is a happy mother.

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A few years back you all knew that Luann Lesseps has arrested for the drinking case and the judge punish her not to drink and not to use drugs. So it’s obvious she stopped using drugs and drink. In this lockdown every celery celebrity doing meditation, yoga, and cooking as she also does the same. She talked about her series RHONY. Also about the song ‘Viva la Diva’.

We all knew Luann is an American actress and also a model and an author. She is a great mother. She stopped drinking. Many things, she revealed about her. If you want to know more then keep reading this page you will get more things related to this.