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One more allegation added in the list against the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the behavior of the host.

Now, one more person came forward to share her experience on the show. She was an audience who participated in the game Make it Rain. The show is in a lot of trouble, first charges against the producers, and now against the host behavior.

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The show is in the news but for all the wrong purposes and even the host is in the bad light. Ellen DeGeneres who runs the show has become famous and popular because of the show. The show has been loved by everyone as well as the host due to the nature of it. The comedy show started in 2003 and till now 17 seasons have been shot, since then it has won numerous awards. Ellen has renewed her contract and will host the show until 2022, but people are demanding a new host.

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Three producers – Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman, and Jonathan Norman have been fired and will not produce the next season. The reason was complaints against them by staff members, they have been accused of sexual harassment. Staff-members have spoken about the inappropriate touch, intimidating, etc which obviously have been denied. Ellen personally apologized for such behavior and will co-ordinate with the internal investigation. Even though she was not part of it she has taken full responsibility and was grateful for people to raise their voice.

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Ellen DeGeneres is also on the news for her ‘cold’ behavior and ‘toxic’ culture on the set. Dana Dimatteo who flew from Chicago to Los Angeles for the show was disappointed. She was excited to meet Ellen and was happy to be the part of ‘Make it Rain’. On the camera, everything looked perfect but behind the camera was different. Dana was given instructions of dos and don’ts like not being ‘smarter’ and ‘funnier’ than Ellen as she is the star. After the game got over she was kept waiting for 45 minutes in those cold wet clothes as if the staff had forgotten about her.

During the breaks, Ellen did not acknowledge Dana’s appearance and sat quietly on the couch. Ellen only talks to the audience when the cameras are on, her motto – ‘Be Kind’ is just for the show. In reality, she behaves completely opposite and many stars have agreed with it. But Kevin Hart, Katy Perry, and Ashton Kutcher supported her while Lea Thompson and Brad Garrett spoke against her. Ellen defended herself by saying she is an introvert and hence people think she is cold and distant. What do you think?

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