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‘Surviving Jeffrey Epstein’ Documentary reveals numerous girls were sent to Prince Andrew. Click to know more

Jeffrey Epstein is the most high profile sex trafficker in modern history. The recently released documentary named ‘Surviving Jeffrey Epstein’ shares the story of some of the victims and related people about the scandal. The newest Documentary series on Jeffrey Epstein’s life and sex scandals unearth many dark and shocking secrets about the sex tracking world. Read the full article to know more about the victim’s story and how Jeffrey Epstein used his girlfriend as a sex slave. A brief video to follow –

Connection with Prince Andrew

The documentary series revealed in its episodes about the connection of Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein. The high profile sex offender used young girls as sex slaves and also sent girls to Prince Andrew to have sex with him. Ghislaine Maxwell is the late Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend who also supported him in this malicious work. Virginia Giuffre is one of the victims of the sex scandal and also of Ghislaine Maxwell is Jeffrey Epstein’s cruelty. She reports that Prince Andrew is not a regular Prince and was ready to have sex with a 17-year-old girl.

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Virginia Giuffre also reported that she was asked to have intercourse with prince Andrew as many as 3 times by her financier. It has also been reported that Jeffrey Epstein sent her to Prince Andrew as he wanted to fulfil his perverted agendas. In the documentary series, Giuffre has mentioned -“Prince Andrew is not the prince from the fairy-tale stories you read,” and she believes that Andrew should be held responsible for his deeds.

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Another victim named Lisa Phillips also came forward approved that Giuffre was indeed correct. She also mentioned that they were not the only girls who were sent to Prince Andrew. There were a lot of girls involved in the slated sex scandal and human trafficking of the late Jeffrey Epstein case. One incident that is being talked about is that when Philip asked Jeffrey about his relations with Prince Andrew we would just say that Prince Andrew would want something on people and would not say a lot much about it further.