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Release of The Last Of Us 3 Might Be Scheduled Soon : Here’s Everything you Should Know About the Story, Trailer and Game’s Latest Updates

Release of The last of us 3
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After the news for the release of part 2 went viral, gamers are eager for part 3. The Last of Us has become an instant hit since the day it came out. It sold more than a million copies in the first week. The record broke when after the release, part 2 sold 4 million copies! Season 2 launched in June 2020, 7 years after the first. There has been no official announcement for the 3rd installment, but the makers don’t deny it. The game always develops on a storyline. As part two dwells on the journey of Ellie and Abby, it was released on Play Station 4.

The game is set up in the post-apocalyptic United States. The 2nd part follows the story of retribution and revenge. Ellie sees Abby beat Joel and she goes out to seek vengeance. Even though their encounters with various other cults left Ellie astray, she finally hunts Abby down. But she remembers her promise to Joel and lets her go. The Last of Us builds its narrative in such a manner that the audience can connect to it emotionally. Part 3 will also have to follow up.

Plot Release of Part 3

Although every time the game is out, its plot is captivating. The makers are deliberating whether to release the 3rd part or not. This is because they need a very strong core idea around which the game will develop. However, fan theories also suggest that the next part might follow the journey of the Seraphite cult that has been locked. The Seraphite siblings Yara and Lev can be seen going on their journey as their cult is freed. Rest, there is no official word as to if we’ll see Ellie again.


The last of us
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Reviews and Ratings

Winner of the Best Game Award after its release, the show has a huge fan base. The total collection of the first part of The last of Us was 17 million. The game has sold copies worth more than 4 million since the release of part 2. The best part is that it is both a single-player and a multiplayer game. Part 3 is eagerly awaited but what is to be seen is if it will take 7 years too. There is no official trailer announcement but you can follow YouTube for more updates.

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