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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is Suffering from a New Pregnancy Dilemma – Get the Latest Inside News of the Royal Palace Here

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A new air of danger seems to linger around the Royal Palace. We want the people in there to be just as good in health as you do but it is getting rather scary. The rumors of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton being pregnant for the fourth time are definitely a reason to celebrate. However, considering the condition of the world at the moment, one can only be hopeful everything is well. Amidst all this, the news is breaking over the dilemma of her pregnancy. And this is being done by none other than the going to be father, Prince William. He is genuinely concerned for her wife going through labor for the 4th time. Additionally, one can assume the tension given the coronavirus crisis, but this is a separate issue.

Duchess’ Pregnancy Threat

Amidst the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, there are other issues troubling the Royal Family. We have come to know from our sources that Kate Middleton is down for her 4th pregnancy. But this time the pregnancy scare is being faced by her husband, Prince Williams. However, an heir to their throne is a part of celebrations, but Kate’s past three pregnancies have been really scary. The complications of her major labors are what is driving William’s dilemma of whether or not to welcome another baby. Previously, Kate was suffering from serious morning sickness, following her three pregnancies. However, it is no option in the Royal Family that a duchess should abort her baby. Proper care will be ensured for the little one by all means.

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Like it has been done earlier, Kate Middleton will undergo labor in a hospital. She will receive the utmost care in these trying times. And the royal family will leave no stone unturned to ensure their heir’s health and mother’s wellbeing. The previous pregnancies sure are very scary, but we are sure they will get past this. However, both William and Kate have given no confirmation on the pregnancy yet. But it is being speculated that the family is going to bear two new babies. And we hope they have smooth deliveries in 2021.

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