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Prince William Allegedly Accused Meghan Markle of Stealing Princess Diana’s Cartier Watch – Know More About the Tensions in the Royal Family


The drift of the Royal family is not a new episode, but it is anyway disturbing. This time Prince William is coming out front with a serious accusation for his sister-in-law Meghan Markle. He has allegedly accused Harry’s wife of stealing their mother, Princess Diana’s Cartier watch. This has made William very mad on the subject. However, it is not the first time that the controversy of Princess Diana’s Jewelry is making headlines. Earlier too, after Meghan denied returning the jewelry that she possesses of her mother-in-law, Prince William was unsupportive. Instead, she even urged Kate Middleton to return some of the jewels that she possesses of the late Duchess of Wale.  This goes back a long way to when he proposed Kate and Harry gave him the blue Sapphire ring for the occasion.

Prince William’s Cartier Arrangement

According to their butler, after Princess Diana’s death, both her sons were asked to choose from their mother’s jewels. At that point in history, Prince William chose the Cartier watch that she had received on her 21st birthday. However, Harry chose the blue Sapphire ring that she’d always worn because it reminded him of her hands. Additionally, at the time William told Harry about proposing Kate, he selflessly gave him that ring to mark their mother’s presence. Now technically, Kate possesses the ring. But according to her will, that ring belongs to Harry and rightfully so to Meghan Markle.



But there are controversies about that watch that turned heads in the Royal Palace. It was exactly the same as Diana’s and that infuriated William. Given that his mother’s jewels are being passed on without permission, he considers it stealing. He also despises his brother for bringing in a woman who is not the right fit for their royal family. Worry is eating all the Royal family that history will repeat itself and Prince Harry and Meghan’s Markle will not continue their marriage. But these rumors should not be cared for as the couple is busy raising their son Archie, and might have an addition to the fam! Yes! Meghan Markle is going to be a mom for the 2nd time!


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