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Know the details of ‘Snake Eyes’ and its release date. Everything you need to know is here about this movie!!!

Snake Eyes is an upcoming American film based on the character of the G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero. This is the famous character of the comic books first released in 1983. And now fans were pleased to know that the character Snake Eyes is coming back to entertain the fans.

This character always appears in this franchise since its beginning. And famous among fans as it for all limelight in all movies of this franchise.

Who is the Snake Eyes?


Snake eyes are the code name of a member of G.I. Joe team. This character is most famous for his relationship with Scarlett and Storm Shadow. He is the team’s commando and his every detail is classified through its origin. He is well trained in school and also gave his best in various services.

Snake eyes are showing romantically appeared with the team member Scarlett. He always said Move with the wind.

What is the release date of Snake Eyes?


Snake eyes were coming in 2020 but due to COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic, every industry and work is affecting very badly, and especially the film industry is suffering a lot. Every series and movies are almost postponing from its actual release date. And so this movie is postponed.

According to the makers, this movie will release somewhere in 2021. But makers did not announce the exact release date off Snake Eyes.

As fans are excitedly waiting for this fictional character of various movies in A Real American Hero. So now you have to wait till 2021 if everything goes well with the planned schedule.

Look at the trailer of the Snake Eyes which was released by the makers for the loyal fanbase of this character Snake Eyes: