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Overlord Season 4: Is coming soon, want to know about the storyline check out this post

Overlord is an anime that has been taken from a novel, the story in the book is been visualized and made it in a form series like any other anime. Till now 3 seasons are out and the directors are making a fourth one too as it is a hit and people are loving it.

Overlord Season 4 Expected Release Date

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The story is set in the future where a famous video game is played by many people and they have formed their group in the game, they name it Ainz Ooal Gown. After playing for so long the game is about to shut down and a player gets stuck in the game much like Jumanji, he now takes the name of the group Ainz and continues playing the game to survive.

Kugane’s novel was a hit, thus so-bin decided to illustrate it and the Japanese anime is equally popular maybe even more. The first part came out in 2015, second and third in 2018, the fourth is also on its way.


  1. Ainz
  2. Albedo
  3. Shalltear
  4. Aura
  5. Mare
  6. Demiurge
  7. Cocytus
  8. Victim
  9. Gargantua

The cast

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Season 4 was supposed to be released in the early 2020s but due to the unexpected disaster, the date is postponed and is now scheduled to be released in late 2020s or next year 2021. All three seasons were a massive hit even on Netflix when it comes to anime fiction, so there is no reason for the fourth part not to come.

Now we know that in season 3 Gazef the Sorcerer King is getting ready to fight Ains to protect his empire and Ains is fighting to rule it and add it in his collection. In season 4 we will see whether Ains is going to win? What will happen if he loses? Will he ever get out of the game and come back in the real world? Is he going to be a hero or will turn into a villain with all the power. 

Overlord season 4 release update

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Released Date –

Overload season 4 this is an anime series which is based on light novels. This anime series is written by Kugane Maruyama. On 2 october 2018 the last episode of season 3 was launched. No official word has come since except the Yukie Sugawara statement at the animated confrence in 2019.

Yukie Sugawara is the scriptwriter of this series. He said that this season is not the end of overload, afer that another season will also come and other thing that confirms that season 4 will be released is that for this many content are available and so far only 9 volumes have been used.

Due to the pandemic there are the shoot of 4th season is stopped. For now we can only guess that season 4 will be available to viewers in late 2021 or early 2022.