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Alita: Battle Angel season 2 release date, cast, plot, trailer, etc. Know more about the details!!!

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Alita: Battle Angel is an American cyberpunk action film based on the Japanese series. It s directed by Robert Rodriguez a famous director for various movies. It was released in 2019 in the U.S. in English.

Fans who love actions with mystery and adventure, this movie is a good option for them.

What is Alita: Battle Angel is all about?

The catastrophic war called The Fall devasted the earth and a scientist research an embodied girl Cyborg with a human mind. Later that scientist attaches her human mind with his body and gives her name Alita. Alita remembers nothing about the past and her memories wiped out from the past.  Alita is a rising superstar in the motor ball tournament.

Release date of Alita: Battle Angel 2

After a huge success tasted by the makers of the film they decided to make another sequel to the film. This is the most demanding movie of 2020. But due to covid-19, it got delay from its actual plan and fans are now not happy.

However, when Disney brought the rights of Fox Star Studios, Disney also acquires the right of Alita: Battle Angel. This means its Disney’s call to make a sequel of this film for their loyal fanbase. But makers are not announcing anything on the sequel.

The Cast of Alita: Battle Angel


ABA_110_UNW_0680_v0690.87450 – Rosa Salazar stars as Alita in Twentieth Century Fox’s ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

The cast for this movie is great and long as it includes various characters in the movie. Rosa Salazar played the most important and main character Alita who is a revived female cyborg. She was suffering from Amnesia. Christoph Waltz played the role of Dr. Dyson Ido who is a scientist and made the female cyborg Alita after his deceased daughter.

Jennifer Connelly played the role of Dr. Chiren, ex-wife of Dr. Ido. Keean Johnson played the role of Hugo in the love interest of Alita.