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Why did John Legend tried to dump Crissy Teigen early in their relationship?


John Legend and Crissy Teigen are a powerful couple in Hollywood with two kids.

John Legend is the most popular actor in Hollywood and with his career, he has no intention of going back. Women are willing to see him at least once in their lives and they throw themselves on John Legend.

But he chooses the woman of his life and now e is living happily. But he revealed once he was trying to dump her from his life.

He said he was happily living with his single life. But now they are together for the last 10 years. They married in 2013 and first met on the sets of Stereo.

He also stated that he tried to break up with her because he was so stressed with his work and could not handle the relationship. He tried to call it off the relationship because he was stressed and busy with his work. When he told her he wants to live his single life and stressed with his work. She reluctantly said no to him. It is pretty enough, is not it?

But now they are happily married together and parents of two children. He is in love with her and cherished every moment of his life with her. They shared a daughter and a son. She shared memory on Instagram about his break up announcement and her denial about that and she shared her humor.

After an hour they were dating together as nothing happened. It is like a comedy or a prank with girls’ fans.

John Legend reveals about his breakup in the recent interview with the Guardian. He is a famous musician and his song All of Me inspired Crissy and she fell in love with him. In the first meeting, they danced and ground together and become good friends.