HomeEntertainmentWHAT?? Da Brat has eventually talked about Eminem and Mariah's unsatisfying sexual relationship!!! Read to know more!!!!

WHAT?? Da Brat has eventually talked about Eminem and Mariah’s unsatisfying sexual relationship!!! Read to know more!!!!

Some controversies and gossip never halt. Eminem and Mariah Carey go on to be the highlighting part of the news headlines even after a decade of the end of their relationship. 

Recently, a report regarding the couple was disclosed out. It talked about how Eminem was heightened over the validity that a biography on Mariah Carey was soon to be broadcasted. 

What details were uncovered about Mariah and Eminem’s relationship?

The details regarding their relationship were disclosed in the latest episode of Dish Nation show, the previous week. In fact, the person who uncovered all this was Eminem’s close friend, Da Brat. 

Mariah and Eminem

Interestingly, Brat spelled out every detail regarding his rapper friend, Eminem. The couple started dating each other way back in 2001 and unluckily things went good on for like only six months. 

Further, the reason behind their parting up was the fact that Em went on with throwing shots onto Mariah’s way in his music. In fact, he also revealed that everything took off without even having any kind of sexual relationship. 

Brat also revealed the truth that the rapper was never in bed with Mariah. In fact, there are some claims that he prematurely ejaculated only being with Mariah, without any sexual seclusion. 

What is the reason behind Eminem’s stressing out? 

Eminem is intensified over the fact as to what all things will be disclosed, amid the release of this biography.  

Mariah’s biography named The Meaning of Mariah Carey will focus on her whole life, starting from the struggle to her relationship with Eminem. 


There has been some disclosure that the couple had a kind of toxic relationship. Also, Mariah was more dominating and overpowering. 

Further, Eminem is of the fear that Mariah will undoubtedly talk awful stuff about him in her memoir. However, the rapper is watchful to acknowledge whatever comes his way amid Mariah’s Memoir. 

Even he is of the thought that she will say shit about him being bad in bed. It might also uncover his insecurity towards Mariah. As of now, only these things are being declared openly. 

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