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Tamilyogi: Hollywood Bollywood and Hindi Dubbed Movies for free

Certainly, the Internet has changed and revolutionized the world with its ability to provide information to a large extent of people. In turn, this has increased the needs of the people in terms of content and news that goes on around them. It has been in usage for both encouraging and disastrous aspects. 

One of the aspects included in the world of the Internet is piracy. There are many sites that work in its favor in spite of this being an illegal activity. Doubtless, the Internet has provided a boost to these types of illegal sites. One of these sites titled Tamilyogi is a leading one among internet users.  

What is Tamilyogi all about?

Tamilyogi is a famous notorious piracy website that is credible for leaking out Tamil movies before the official release of the movies or at the moment of the release. Furthermore, this extends real threats to the creators of the industry who work towards earning from these.


Despite their renowned nature with the cybercrime department, websites like Tamilyogi aren’t halting with their illicit work of piracy. Apart from the domestic ones, Tamilyogi is also liable for leaking out the copyrighted content from the worldwide entertainment industries. 

If we talk about the inclusions, the site includes an extensive lot of movies of distinct nature that range from quality of about 360p to 720p. Moreover, the site also incorporates movies in other slangs as well. The list of these films comprises Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, English, and Punjabi movies.  

What sections of movies are leaked by Tamilyogi?

The archive of Tamilyogi includes an extensive variety of movies from almost all the languages around the world. If we talk about the categories, there would rarely be any classification that doesn’t get included in Tamilyogi. 

Presently, the list of the movies that are present on the website encompasses Adithya Verma, Sahoo, Kadaram Kondan, Kabir Singh, and Robot 2. In addition to this, Tamilyogi also incorporates John Wick, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Dear Comrade, Joker, and Bird of Prey. 


Furthermore, the chronicle also includes some of the renowned Bollywood movies that take off like Chapaak, Dabangg 3, Love Aaj Kal, Arjun Patiala, and Pati Patni Aur Woh. Apart from these movies, there are innumerable other movies as well, that are much loved by the users and the audience for Tamilyogi. 

How do these sites earn from pirating?

Well, you might have noticed a number of advertisements that pop-up while using websites like Tamilyogi. Also, you should have clicked on it by mistake, a number of times. Interestingly, this is the only way through which sites like these earn from working on these sites. 

If we talk about the earning part, if you intentionally or unintentionally click on any of these advertisements, you are directed automatically to other websites. Actually, these websites pay the piracy ones for engaging their site on their site. The most important factor that plays a role in engaging is the elevated traffic which websites like Tamilyogi receive. 

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In fact, the movies are released on these piracy websites before the day of the release of the movie or on the day of the launch. Thus, this establishes excitement among the movie lovers who wish to see these movies before their release. In turn, this creates an elevated amount of traffic on websites like Tamilyogi. 


Is it safe or legal to use Tamilyogi?

As we all know, Tamilyogi is a pirated website. So, downloading or operating the website is an illegal task to perform. Websites like these add risk and danger. Using these sites can make hackers hack or manipulate our personal and private credentials. 

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Furthermore, every time we access or stream movies from Tamilyogi can make us noticeable in the eyes of the regime. Alluringly, we will be considered as a criminal in the eyes of the Government. It can punish us for this illegal act. The retribution may vary from jail or from paying a minimal amount of fine. 

In fact, not only using these sites but also engaging with the owners anyhow is considered as punishable. In accordance with the piracy law made by the regime, the person involved in this act or any similar one is edged to get incarcerated. The jail span goes for a time period of about a maximum of three years plus a penalty in addition to this punishment. 

Disclaimer: Our site doesn’t promote or engage in acts of piracy. Insta Chronicles is totally against websites like Tamilyogi. Using these websites might pose serious threats to your personal data and private credentials. We advise you not to get involved and download illegal movies from this kind of piracy websites. 




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