HomeEntertainmentMaitland Ward regards transiting her career from a Disney Star to a Pornographic actress as a smart move!! Know her journey from an American Disney star to a pornographic star!!

Maitland Ward regards transiting her career from a Disney Star to a Pornographic actress as a smart move!! Know her journey from an American Disney star to a pornographic star!!

Maitland Ward is a prominent American television actress and model who lately made her career transition towards the pornographic industry. 

The actress was born on February 3, 1977, in a beautiful town called Long Beach in California. Interestingly, the actress is in a wedding relationship with a real estate agent named Terry Baxter. Both of them were close friends before they married each other in 2006.


What do we know about Maitland Ward’s acting career? 

The actress is known for her exceptional performance as Rachel McGuire in Boy Meets World and as Jessica Forrester in a well-known soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. 

The actress made her debut in the industry as a junior artist at the age of 16. Her initial part in the industry was Jessica Forrester in a 1996 soap opera titled The Bold and the Beautiful. 

Further, the actress made her position in the industry with her role in the seventh season of the renowned show Home improvement. Subsequently, she gained immense popularity and starred in Killing Mr. Griffin along with prominent actors of the Hollywood industry named Jay Thomas and Mario Lopez. 

Additionally, the actress also got starred as a leading cast member in Boy Meets World and as a co-star with well-known actors Sean Astin and Brian Dennehy in an independent American movie titled Dish Dogs.  


What do we know about Maitland’s personal life? 

Maitland Ward’s personal life was full of hurdles and drawbacks in the initial part of her life. But her friendship with a real estate agent named Terry Baxter led and turned her existence into a fresh path. 

Initially, Terry’s and Maitland’s humor and sense of thinking directed a close connection between both of them. In fact, Maitland credits Terry for what they were then and today. 

Maitland wedded Terry on October 21, 2006, when they felt that their relationship should veer around into a delightful roll. After their prosperous years of career, both of them moved to New York and began residing there. 

In fact, New York opened up different opportunities for the couple where Terry proceeded with his career and Maitland started investigating as a screenwriter at New York University.


How did Maitland initially start her career in pornography? 

The story goes back in mid-2013 when the actress began posting her seductive and stripped pictures on her social media websites encompassing Instagram and Snapchat.  

Subsequently, Maitland started gaining up a huge amount of followers and became a social media star in such a short span of time. Further, her career boosted up when she posted her first topless snapshot. It highlighted her body as painted for a public exhibition in Los Angeles. 

Basically, Living Art is credible for her boost in the pornographic industry. Thereafter, Maitland made it official in 2019 through her social media handle that she was making her entry into the pornography industry.

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Regarding her career, Maitland has always been thankful to her co-star Trina McGee. The reason set in as Trina lifted and boosted her enthusiasm in a stance she has developed for herself today. 

Presently, the actress is the owner of about seven awards for her performance in the pornography industry. The list includes the Best Crossover Star of the Year, Best Actress in the movie Drive, Best Supporting Actress in Drive, and many more. 

Why did the actress transit her career towards the Pornography industry? 

With Trina’s impetus, Maitland majorly made an entry in the porn industry. It was a lead role in a 2019 pornographic movie titled Drive.  

Later in May 2019, Maitland was approached by a talented society named Society 15, for which she agreed on. With this, Kayden Kross, who is a popular porn director, contacted the actress for offering her a role in porn.

That’s where she took off her porn career. In accordance with Maitland’s decision, she is of the view that all the things seemed natural to her and that there should be a sense of evolution in a person’s life. 

Also, she is of the thought that the things she has achieved today are a part of her authentic journey and that’s what she wanted and opted to explore. Majorly, she gives this credibility to her loving enthusiasts. 

In addition to this, being a screenwriter gave her a sense of fear, so she preferred and entered the pornography industry. One of the reasons behind her choice was her basic aim of earning new fans who should discover her talent. 

In conclusion, the whole credibility lies with her friends and family. She regards this as the part of her destiny that she is here in this industry today.

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