Rachel Maddow has been absent for hosting MSNBC show. Where is she right now? Will she come back again to her show?

From 2008, Rachel Maddow has been a host for nighttime news of the MSNBC program, The Rachel Maddow Show. After contributing for a few years for MSNBC programs Rachel had given Dan Abram’s nightly Time slot. Ever since her show has been a hit for the whole web. Rachel became a part of people’s evening routines as her show premieres on every weeknight. But she has not been showing up recently for her show. Let’s know more about everything we had to know.


Where is Rachel right now?

Rachel has not been present for her show for some time recently. Where Velshi and Ali Velshi had filled in place of her. However, it would not be unusual for other members to fill in the place when hots takes vacations or leaves. These all happen, especially in the summer. Ali continually discussed Rachel’s return for the show. On Twitter, Ali had given a hint that Rachel’s break was for her own private time. He also said that she has been taking that break for some much deserved time off. But the following day Ali Tweeted that he had done to substitute Rachel. By this fans assumed that she will be back for hosting in the first week of August.

Why didn’t Rachel update anything about her break?

Rachel has not posted or commented anything about her break. She didn’t even update anything on Where she is or why she has been absent for the show. Moreover, her social media accounts continued to post bits of information from various MSNBC broadcasts. But it’s all unclear where Rachel has been staying and spending her time. And also not clear about with whom she has been with. However, all the Rumours about her that she is taking a fishing trip or has been ill are all unknown stories from people. So, for now, we don’t have any information except she that she has been spending her personal time as said by Ali.