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Twitch has eventually grown up as one of the most extensively live streamed platform worldwide!! Here’s everything you should know about Twitch!!

Twitch is a distinguished American live video streaming service. It is basically a derivative of another American video streaming platform titled Justin.tv. In fact, Twitch is working hard from the past few years for gaining up a high position. 

What was Twitch’s initial growth all about? What does it incorporate? 

Essentially, Twitch centres on numerous facets which encompass broadcasting of many esports tournaments, productive content record, and some of the famous mellifluous broadcasts. People live stream video games and earn money from the viewership it receives. 

Interestingly, the popularity of twitch attained elevations in the later part of 2014 with the shutdown of Justin.tv. This site accomplished a total viewership of about 45 million at the end of 2013.  

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Subsequently, the site was placed as the fourth largest in terms of the highest Internet traffic website. With the closing of Justin.tv, the website was officially taken possession by Amazon for a rough amount of about US$979 million. 

With the coming up of Amazon as the parent organization of Twitch, the site succeeded in winning the hearts of the people. Taking benefit of the situation, the company commenced enlarging its footing from then onwards. 

Momentarily, Twitch has cumulative broadcasters of about 2.2 million on a monthly basis, and this goes with nearly 15 million users that persist active daily. In fact, this video streaming platform ranks up as 34th on the ground of Alexa ranking.

What is Twitch Prime? How can we claim Twitch Prime loot? 

One of the things that emerge upon having an Amazon Prime membership is having an added perk of Twitch prime. This feature allows all the members to download unlimited free games. 

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Additionally, the membership gives an additional benefit of some in-game lots that benefits the user in one way or the other. In order to get a claim over your Twitch Prime loot, you guys just have to follow these below-mentioned steps in a step-wise manner.

The first and foremost step that follows your assertion is to open Twitch in your internet browser. However, if you are not automatically signed in, you will get directed to the login page which will ask you guys to log in to your account.  

Secondly, the successive step that you have to pursue is to click on the white dome icon that is available on the top-right corner of your main screen. If just in case you can’t find this button, you can look for it below the Notification bell icon.

The above step will open up the entire list that is free for the Twitch Prime users. Hereafter, click on the purple button which highlights up with the title as Learn more. This will further redirect your main page to the determined and ‘prepared for your’ loot details. 


Following the third step, the page pops up with a new window. The Fourth step that you have to follow is to find the button labelled as Claim Loot. Clicking on this button will direct you automatically towards the chosen loot commodities. 

Which fan demonstration is committed to Twitch? What events are included as a part of this convention?

The fan convention that is earmarked for this American video live streaming platform is titled as TwitchCon. Talking about this convention, it is a biannual clam where numerous events take place every year. Various players from around the world come up and participate in this TwitchCon.

Interestingly, this ritual started way back in 2015, where an introductory event was overseen at a prominent centre in San Francisco called Moscone Center. Later, a second event was accomplished in 2016  and tracked down in San Diego.

Following the above TwitchCon events, multiple events were conducted in the successive years in 2017, 2018, and 2019 at Long Beach, California, and Berlin respectively. It was one heck of an experience for the entire audience. 


Unluckily, this year’s convention, which was scheduled for conduction at Amsterdam, was suspended considering the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus. But the good news that follows this bad news is that the organizing committee is up with a fresh event. Probably, it will take place as soon as the pandemic situation is under our control.

The most interesting part that takes place in these TwitchCon is the concept of Twitch Rivals that are operated online but are primarily a part of these conventions. These Twitch Rivals have invited a lot of people and users from around the world. Majorly, this has also become people’s primary source of income. 

The tournament necessarily involves some Twitch streamers and preceding professional performers who compete with each other in an active spirit. In fact, the event involves some of the well-known games of all time, including Teamfight Tactics, Apex Legends, Minecraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. 

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What does Twitch TV and Twitch clips comprise?

Twitch TV is one of those add ons that comes up with the Amazon Prime membership. Here, all those enthusiasts who like to watch people live streaming video games can have a look at the player’s individual techniques and loots.

Additionally, the Amazon Prime membership delivers all its users with exclusive free games corresponded with some of the in-game lots. Further, the unrestricted Twitch TV streams go for the duration membership exceeds on. 

The users can not only watch it on Twitch’s official website but also on other platforms associated with Amazon Prime membership. In fact, the list of these platforms comprises Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation, Xbox One, and NVIDIA shield.

Moreover, there are some other streaming platforms too, which allows users to enjoy Twitch TV. The chronicle encompasses Amazon’s Fire TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast. Essentially, this streaming platform is accessible in all the regions throughout the world.

The reason behind Twitch’s increased popularity was its unique innovations, and monetization of their self owned content. Also, things made a difference because Twitch was the first video streaming platform. Twitch is on its constant position from the past few years.

But there are also certain unavoidable platforms like YouTube, Microsoft, Smashcast, and Mixer that pose a risk to Twitch. The most compatible are Microsoft and YouTube as their popularity is increasing in these years. Also, Microsoft is working on the graphics and quality, so this can pose serious threats further.

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