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Apple Cards allows customers to defer payment for the month of August in the next update of “Customer Assistance Program”

COVID-19 has been spreading ever so rapidly across the globe. This year has been a locked down year for the most part and a lot of people across the world have lost their jobs, got pay-cuts, or even remained unemployed due to it. Basically, it has been a tough tie health-wise and also wealth wise for everyone around. Amid this pandemic situation, a lot of the companies have take initiatives to work for the people and their employees, customers, and Health workers. One such move came in march by the Apple inc. with respect to their Apple Cards feature. Read the full article to more about the update and to know all about the relaxations in monthly payments for Apple cards under their new “Customer Assistance Program”.

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In these tough times, Apple Inc. with its Apple cards feature came with an update called the “Customer Assistance Program”. It helped to relax the financial burden a lot and had a motto to let live financially strong amid this world pandemic situation. The Apple and Goldman Sach has allowed the apple card customers to defer their monthly payment without incurring any interest charges. The “Customer Assistance Program” started in March for the customers but now has been extended until the month of August. Further extension is not confirmed yet.

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This move by Apple and Goldman Sach came in light of the growing financial burden on people all around the globe and increasing health and wealth problems. The mail received by the customers stated that the company is with its customers in their thick and thin and they care for their customers even in these trying times. The mail also mentioned that the customers may opt for the “Customer Assistance Program” which will help them to defer payment without any interest charges incurred. This was for the ones who are facing financial problems due to the lockdown situation.

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Since March, there have been five updates to this program and with the latest update august payments can be deferred. These updates proved to be useful as the US Govt. couldn’t cope with the spread of the disease and many people are suffering.