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MacKenzie has dropped her name from Jeff Bezos as post divorce revenge and donated $1.7 billion.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon, the world’s most valuable company. He has been one of the largest shareholders in Amazon and the world’s richest man. He recently announced about divorce from his wife, MacKenzie Bezos. In contrast, critics have begun to outline what divorce means. The divorce could extremely lessen Jeff Bezos’s amount in Amazon.  This could open the door for MacKenzie to become its largest shareholders. And this could lead to new power at the company according to divorce lawyers and government experts.

Jeff and MacKenzie stay in Washington state. In Washington, the assets must split equally after a divorce. After Jeff and MacKenzie married they found Amazon. Therefore the net worth must be divided equally which is 50-50 by both of them. Moreover, if assets are split equally Mackenzie will find herself governing 8% of Amazon’s stock.

Besides not since Jennifer has wronged woman that done so much right. And MacKenzie, the fourth richest woman in the world announced that she has dropped from the name of Bezos and donated $1.7 billion to 119 nonprofits. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos left her for another woman Lauren Sanchez. And spent the week and dropped a $10 billion on LA home. In addition on Friday Amazon posted second-quarter earnings of $5.2 billion to the pandemic that is destroying the economy. Before that Bezos stated before congress that he is seeking to re-emphasize Amazon world’s distinction by casually looking on to the camera. And he also said that just as the world needs all of its mini-companies it also needs big ones. But this all seems to be his personal thoughts about the company.

Jeff Bezos’s new wife Lauren Sanchez


Coming to the revenge of MacKenzie on the Jeff Bezos, here is the news. This is how she could take her revenge. The scenarios include MacKenzie conspires with Walmart to acquire Amazon, sell her shares as a block trade. Retains her shares and becomes an advocate. Above all this, Jeff Bezos steps down as CEO of Amazon to seek other interests due to adverse rumors.