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Dead to me is ready to come up with its final season. Here’s all the updates you need to know about Dead to me season 3.

Dead to me is the dark comedy series. It has gained a huge popularity within a very short period of time. It has a huge fanbase all around the world. Its season 1 released on Netflix in the year 2019. It proved to be a successful one. The reviews received from the fans and critics were unbelievable. The makers were really overwhelmed with the response. Then its second season was released in the year 2020. Now, it is confirmed that series will move further with season 3. Season 3 will be the end of Dead to me. It will be the last season in Dead to me series. The fans are a little bit disappointed with the news but they are very excited to witness the final season and bid a goodbye to their favorite series.

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Release date of Dead to me season 3

So, it officially confirmed that Dead to me is ready to come up with its next and the last season. Feldman, creator of Dead to me took to his social media handle to announce the coming of season 3. There is no official date announced for the release of season 3. The Coronavirus outbreak has affected the production activities, so definitely the production and making of Dead to me season 3 will take much longer time than usual. Although we don’t have any confirmations regarding the release date, but we might expect season 3 to be released in late 2021 or probably in the beginning of 2022. So the wait is long, but fans need to maintain their patience and excitement as the last season of Dead to me will surely be worth our wait.

Expected Plot in season 3.

As we know season 2 ended with the major accident of Judy and Jen. Jen was seen in a critical condition as he was badly injured. In season 3 we might see Jen and Judy try to find out who was behind their accident. Jen and Ben will be seen having a mysterious conversation. Also this season will conclude the case of Jen who was accused for killing her ex husband, Steve. Also, Judy and Michelle relationship will take a new turn. So, as this is the last season in the series it will proceed towards the conclusion. We hope that its end would be a happy one.

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Star Cast to appear in season 3

  • Christina Applegate will be seen as Jen.
  • Linda Cardellini will be as Judy.
  • James Marsden will be seen as Steve and Ben.

The new additions in the star cast has not been unveiled yet. But the above mentioned characters will surely be seen in season 3 as well.


Why Lorna has bad habits?

Lorna is Steve’s mother. She is a drug addict due to the death of her son. She consumes various tablets to lessen her pain. She believes that Jen is responsible for the death of Steve. That is why she try to find ways to trouble Jen and make her feel guilty.