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The Rising of Shield Hero Season 2: Is confirmed to be released and Naofumi will find answers.

The Rising of Shield Hero is coming up with the second season and also with the third season as well, but we will take one step at a time and for now, discuss season 2 and everything related to it.

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The story revolves around a boy named Naofumi Iwatani who lived in Japan and suddenly one day he is called to another world the kingdom of Melromarc. Apart from him, the other three men were called and they four together were known as Four Cardinal Heroes their responsibility was to save the kingdom from the monsters. Everyone got weapons to attack but poor Naofumi got ‘shield hero’ only weapon to defend.

He was bullied and made fun of for getting nothing, but he moved on and went for training with his companion. She, later on, betrayed him, accused him of rape, and stole his belongings, and left. Naofumi was more teased by the people for the crime he didn’t commit. Season 1 shows his journey of proving himself not guilty, seeking revenge, and gaining the trust and respect from the people as well as from his companions.


The old cast is going to remain the same

  1. Naofumi
  2. Rapthalia
  3. Filo

And some new additions will be made in terms of monsters and heroes.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2: Cast

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Some technical information, this Japanese anime series was a novel like any other which is put into the form of series. The book was written by Aneko Yusagi and published by Media Factory, the first season came out in the last year 2019 and now the makers are coming up more two seasons, so we know the story is not ending soon picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.

Season 1 ended on a note where Naofumi asks himself why is he saving this kingdom where he has got nothing but insults and betrayal? we also saw that he has to fight the monsters also, so will he conquer the fight by himself ? what will be the answer to his query?. We have to wait for season 2 which was supposed to be released this year but now it will come next year hopefully.

Rising of the Shield Hero to Get 2nd and 3rd Seasons ...

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