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The new season of Anime series Overlord is here!! Read all the updates of movie!!

In today’s era, almost everyone is a fan of anime. Overlord is one of the gems in the world of anime.

Overlord, Overlord 4, Anime, anime

And it captures every kid’s attention with its amazing animation. you can get easily attracted to Momonga, The evil king.

The show is based on a Japanese novel series which is written by Kugane Maruyama.

The first season of this show was aired on 29 September 2015. There are a lot of things to tell you more about the show.

When will Overlord Season 4 Releases?

Overlord, Overlord 4, Anime, anime

After when the season 3 premiere, it lets their fans worried a bit. Everyone around the world is waiting for the next season.

The season 4 of the show was expected to be released between December 2020 and January 2021.

But still, there is no information updated from the production team itself. The COVID-19 pandemic postpones the production and filming of almost most of the series.

hopefully, Netflix will fix the problems soon.

Overlord 4:- Casts

Great news for you that there are some new characters which might be seen in this new season.

Overlord, Overlord 4, Anime, anime

So let’s wait for an official announcement. But your favourite Momonga, The evil king will surely be back in the upcoming season.

let’s see the other characters:-

  • Anastasia Munoz will play the role of Narbeval
  • Elizabeth Maxwell will be as Albedo
  • Bryan Massey as Cocytus


The plot of Overlord 4

Season 3 of the series left its fans curious about the next season. what will happen next?

In the season, we saw that despite knowing all the impossibilities and mishaps, Ains accept all the challenges. But as there is not any trailer released yet.

We don’t know what happens will next? Will Ains get success in defeating his enemies or not?

we have to wait for next season get released till. Till then hope for the better situation so that we can see the full season.