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Forbidden West is Coming as a Sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn Game : Know the Latest Details on Story, Launch, Trailer and More!

Forbidden West
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Gaming fans can make the best of their time as Forbidden West is coming out. The game is the sequel to the very famous Horizon Zero Dawn. One of the best selling games on Play station 4, the sequel to Zero Dawn will be released only on Play Station 5. The maker, however, expresses a desire to convert the series into a trilogy. This means that the sequel will have hints for another part too. The game revolves around the main character, Aloy, who wants to discover truths about her past.

The Horizon Zero Dawn launched in 2017. Set after a female hunter, it is a location in the era where the human population has been wiped away by Robots. Nature has taken control of all Earth. But there gigantic machines ruling the planet. The game is set in the 31st century. However, the tribe Aloy belongs to does not give her the place she deserves. She then goes on a journey to find out what happened to the Old Ones. In this process, she gains herself a motive; to destroy HADES. She will have to go far to fetch the answers in the Forbidden West.

Forbidden West
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Plot for Forbidden West

Set in the location of West, the 2nd part of the game will allow users to explore new dimensions of the game. To find answers, as well as explore other missions, Aloy travels to the West. What most of the trailer and images reveal is that the setting will explore more types of terrains. She can also be seen supporting underwater gear which signals to the gameplay in the ruins of the city found there. The American setup will challenge her to face new gigantic machines with co-op features in Forbidden West.

Reviews and Trailer

The Horizon Zero Dawn has been praised for its open-world gameplay. It was well-received in aspects of story, graphics, weapons, and characterization. It was also recorded the best games to launch on Play Station 4. GameSpot has rated it a 9/10 while the IMDb rating holds to a high 9.2/10. The trailer of the Forbidden West is also available on YouTube.

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