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Are You ready To Enter Jumanji Again? season 4: casts, plot and release date!! Everything we know so far about it!

Tighten your seatbelt for an incredible adventurous tour to the land of Jumanji. Yes, right, Jumanji is on its way with its fourth season. This gaming show is slightly different from the online games like pubg or COD. because in these games characters play within themselves.

But in this season 4, you will see some hilarious monsters and also an even worse fight between them. let us know about the release date, plot and cast and characters of season 4 of this amazing Show.

Jumanji 4: Release date,

The first season of the movie was aired in 1995. And the season gains much more positive reactions and reviews from the audience. After the season 1 fans were expecting the second season.

After the wait for a long time, the second season of the movie was released in 2017. And then the third season comes in 2019. now the production team is working on its fourth season.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the filming of the movie is currently postponed. There is not any official announcement updated about the release. We can assume that movie will be released in 2022.

Jumanji 4: casts

The characters of the fourth season of the movie include:-

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  • Dwayne Johnson will play the main character of Dr Xander Bravestone.
  • Jack Black will be as professor Sheldon Oberon.
  • Kevin Hart will play the role of Franklin Finbar.
  • Nick Jonas as Jefferson McDonough
  • Rory McCann as Jurgen The Brutal.


What will be the plot of the movie?

As it is mentioned above that this show is a  show. The story of the first season revolves around on animals and the characters that come to real-world. The next season shows that characters went inside the body of ‘Avtar’ they choose. In the upcoming season, there will be a lot of adventures in the magical word world which is Jumanji.

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